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Out of the Blu signs the national convention “Let’s Blu!” of the Bluvacanze Group of which it is part. After a long time, the challenge of bringing together and combining the different business activities and the over 500 employees from all over Italy in a single space through a common denominator has been won. An entire day event which saw the Group’s managers take turns on stage, with round tables, dynamic presentations and a particular active and digital involvement of guests and the audience.


Bluvacanze Group


September 23, 2023


Crown Plaza Milano - Linate

01 Obiettivo

Bringing together and amalgamating, after many years, the many souls and professionalisms that characterize the heterogeneity of the Bluvacanze Group; and then, motivate, create a sense of belonging and pride. Objectives made even more necessary by the challenging changes generated by the acquisition by MSC Cruise, but also by the subsequent, difficult years of the pandemic which fragmented the mutual knowledge of employees. Therefore also an opportunity to share projects and strategies for the future, and to remain increasingly protagonists in the tourism and business service sector.

02 Esecuzione

With “Let’s Blu!” a format is born that will be recurrent from this year and will also characterize the future conventions: a call to action that invites everyone to enter the large “blu” of the Group and give him life with the energy, the enthusiasm and the participation of a cohesive team.
This title also joined the group’s metaphor seen as a team capable of creating an extraordinary “show”. As in the realization of a large show, Bluvacanze Group was therefore approached to a troupe with many professions, many roles, organizational, executive and creative capacity: all together to become interpreters, protagonists, stars of the future. The day therefore developed with many “scenes”: many presentation formats, motivation, interaction and entertainment, which have created a continuous dialogue between stage and audience, also accomplished with the sharing of a dedicated interactive web-app.

03 Outcome

Strong active complicity of the participants; innovation, emotion, concreteness and enthusiasm. The result of a great team effort that involved many internal professionals and external specialists from different sectors for weeks, as well as managers and representatives of all the offices, including foreign ones. Great goals achieved, but with the clear idea of still having many future goals, increasingly in the name of innovation, sustainability and care for people.