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Out of the Blu signs the Commercial meeting 2023 – “It’s US!” for BASF Agricultural Solutions.




November 20-22, 2023


Naples – Royal Continental

01 Obiettivo

Turning a 3-day commercial meeting into an opportunity to get together, motivate and introduce the Agricultural Solution Division to the new Country Manager.

02 Esecuzione

The naming of the event, the choice of the destination, the organization of the various activities, all helped to unite and warm the hearts of the participants, helping to strengthen the team spirit. It’s us is not just a wording, but a real statement of pride, of how to achieve more and more challenging results each year, thanks to the collaboration and support of everyone involved. Even the choice of the city of Naples contributed to increase the connection between people, as a warm and passionate setting for 3 days characterized by multiple moments. Starting with the plenary that celebrated and motivated the participants; the organization of breakout sessions focused on business and production issues of great relevance, run in rotation in a dynamic and engaging way. And then “The Voice of Naples,” an engaging team building coloured by folkloric tones, culminating with a talent show performance during the typically Neapolitan final dinner; concluding with an immersive tour of the streets of Naples to discover all its magic.

03 Outcome

It’s Us well expresses the strength, importance and effectiveness of the narrative continuity that holds together a complex and multifaceted event through great consistency and attention to details for an even greater active participation.