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Out of the Blu, alongside its logistics partner Cisalpina Mice, signs MediaWorld’s “Mid-Year Meeting 2023”, giving life to a new, immersive and experiential convention format.




May 23-24, 2023


Crown Plaza Milano - Linate

01 Goal

Mid-year event aimed at store managers and headquarters staff to consolidate the messages of energy, dynamism and orientation towards experience technology that characterize the new MediaWorld positioning, summarized by the pay off “Let’s Go!”.

02 Execution

Out of the Blu and Cisalpina MICE, thanks to the great synergy and complementarity of their skills, also in this production have realized an event full of meaning and high added value for the brand. Institutional moments alternated with more interactive ones, such as the streaming “virtual tour” of a store, and the simulation of a UX, carried out on stage with online connections. In addition, the setting up of a large and immersive exhibition space of 1,000 mq that hosted 30 different categories of products provided by tech suppliers, which allowed guests to try first-hand the flagship products in the store.

03 Outcome

The creation of this new immersive and experiential meeting format provided a new form of involvement and satisfaction for the over 600 participants, who were thus able to experience firsthand the most energizing meaning of the new experience technology “Let’s Go!” by MediaWorld.