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Walking Week Walking Week


Great visibility for the first edition of the Walking Week in Milan: seven days entirely dedicated to walking in all its forms, with appointments, meetings, guests, experts. And culminated in the final day of the Walking Day in Parco Sempione. Out of the Blu alongside the organizer Challenge Sport Marketing for the involvement of relevant partners consistent with the initiative.


Walking Week - Walking Day - Challenge Sport Marketing


October 23, 2022


Milan - Arco della Pace/Parco Sempione

01 Objective

Increase the appeal and reputation of the event.

02 Execution

Involvement of Levissima Natura as partner of the Walking Day. Brand identified for its link with the founding values of the initiative, such as nature, health, sustainability and aggregation.

03 Outcome

Enrichment of the urban walking experience, with branded gazebos, distribution of product samples and a moment of photo opportunity aimed at involving users and lead generation.