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Commemorative event for 50 years of air connections with Milan. An international evening, a cultural and engaging experience far beyond the celebration, thanks to the solutions, guests and experiences offered.


Turkish Airlines


October 3, 2022


Palazzo Clerici, Milan

01 Objective

A gala evening born with the intention of a very high standing and with the expected presence of high-profile personalities and guests: an important anniversary that had the purpose of be transformed into an experiential and value event.

02 Execution

Out of the Blu has worked to elevate this evening to a more complete experience, with the identification of different solutions. What made the difference was in fact the choice of an impactful location from a scenographic and cultural point of view – the prestigious Palazzo Clerici – with a private visit to the Tiepolo Gallery to open the evening; as well as the academic enrichment provided by the intervention of Professor Andrea Giuricin (CEO of TRA consulting); and then, as a frame, the pressing and energetic radio conduction by Federica Gentile and Angelo Baiguini of RTL 102.5. To act as the leitmotif of the evening, the sound of Fuat Sunay that amplified the synergy and coexistence between the two cultures.

03 Outcome

A lovely evening that found the great satisfaction of Turkish Airlines, with which the Agency worked side by side for many weeks, building a proactive, concrete, shared and emotional partnership.