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Opening the new Opening the new

Tech Village Mediaworld

A press event to launch the new Tech Village Mediaworld in Rome. An experiential and versatile hub with a high rate of technology and innovation.




July 2022


Tech Village Mediaworld, Porta di Roma Shopping Gallery – Rome.

01 Goal

Creation of an exclusive and discreet brand space, perfectly integrated with the store and designed to welcome journalists and stakeholders during the opening hours.

02 Execution

In line with the concept of the Tech Village by Fabio Novembre, a real design lounge was created. A privé with limited access, characterized by iconic pieces such as the Nemo armchair, lounges for one-to-one meetings, soundproofing brand walls, gourmet coffee stations.

03 Outcome

Consistency in visual communication, harmony of details, a continuous but descreet management and coordination of the staff.