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“Un segno nel tempo” “Un segno nel tempo”

Banca Mediolanum

National Convention of the Sales Network: eleven interconnected venues, live. An extraordinary production effort, both face-to-face and digital.


Banca Mediolanum


June 2022


Arezzo – Bentivoglio (Bologna) – Fermo – Acaya (Lecce) – Milano – Palermo – Bellaria (Rimini) - Roma – Torino – Monastier (Treviso) – Vicenza.

01 Goal

Organization, and management of a hybrid live event for 4000 guests split among 11 locations, all interactively connected.

02 Execution

2 months of preparation, an impressive production machine. 11 teams – dedicated to the technical set-up and logistics – worked together, ensuring the utmost synchronization of the different venues, thanks to the direction and guide of speakers and guests local and international.

03 Outcome

11 × 1 = 1. Despite the distance, all the guests felt part of an unicum during the whole event. And this was our best result.