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“Passion, People, Performance”, to go beyond Live Communication.

“Out of the Blu” is born, the new division of Gruppo Bluvacanze dedicated to the Integrated Communication and Omnichannel Events.

 Gruppo Bluvacanze, 100% owned by MSC Cruises, with its subsidiaries Cisalpina Tours and Going, is the leader in Italy in the tourism distribution, tour operating, business travel and MICE sectors. 

The post-pandemic period was seen by the property as an opportunity for evolution and development. In fact, the recent technological improvement will lead the Bluvacanze client base towards a phygital experience, according to a hybridization model which tends to enhance the face-to-face human relationship, thanks to innovative processes. And with its new office in Naples, also the Tour Operating broadens its horizons to the entire structure of the agencies in Italy. As far as our Corporate business concerns, we acknowledged 45 new acquisitions of customers after the post-pandemic. A sign of appreciation and goodwill of the market. 

In this context, the Group believes that the time has come to open up to the Corporate communication services too, enriching the offer with a true in-house agency, specialized in Live and Integrated Communication. Thus was born the Out Of The Blu project. 

At the heart of the philosophy of the whole MSC world there has always been the people and customer caring” – declared the CEO of Gruppo Bluvacanze Domenico Pellegrino, presenting the strategic value of Out Of The Blu. “Today Gruppo Bluvacanze wants to support its consolidated logistical skills with those services necessary to complete its offer: Out of the Blu is an agency specifically dedicated to integrated communication and omnichannel events, with an open mind to interpret the fluidity of the new market needs “- concluded Pellegrino. [Press Communication] 

According to the entire MSC Group philosophy, Out of the Blu proposes itself as an operating model, centered on a real human component, which is well expressed by its three pillars: PASSION, PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE. This means that if passion is the true creative engine and the human person represents the value orientation, performance is the tangible synthesis of all this: it is the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of a consultancy designed to help customers to communicate to the public and to communicate about themselves. 

Out of the Blu is also the result of the union of highly qualified skills, to create an extraordinary synergy. Managers and professionals with remarkable backgrounds, able to express the exceptional qualities of Gruppo Bluvacanze at its best. 

This is the right path for us, and it is a service that the market required“- adds Giorgio Garcea, Chief Commercial & Operation Officer of the Corporate Travel area. “Prove is the fact that the Out of the Blu team is already working successfully. This is an added value that we place to serve and complete the existing operational departments: such as the MICE team led by Maria Guadalupe Lucasevich, as well as other areas such as the Sports Events one, where we have Leonello Camerano Spelta Rapini as Operation Manager. These business units will now be able to count on their own internal Communication Agency, which sees Isabella Vallini as Head of Project Management, Marco Brancatelli as Head of Production and Lorenzo Manusardi in charge as Creative Director. “ 

Therefore, Gruppo Bluvacanze considers Out of the Blu an extraordinary investment opportunity to enter a new operating sector – the communication one – also as a completion of a high added-value set of services necessary to make its process of internationalization.